• June 13, 2018

    The Stone House: December Progress

    Wallpaper has been fully removed and plaster repair has begun. 


    Don't you just adore the mottled plaster? Maybe we should have kept it. We didn't. But our paint decision in the guest bedroom was informed by the current colour. We chose 's Belgian Wilderness (and later we also chose the same colour for our back showroom at Mjolk!).


    日本二本道dvd视频Check out the simple but nice molding in the windows. We'll be keeping all the molding.


    Out in the living room, the walls also have an interesting texture and colour (which, spoiler alert, subconsciously ends up informing our colour choice as well).  The light continues to be beautiful, even in December.


    日本二本道dvd视频This side, not as much! 


    The summer kitchen is coming along! The concrete has been poured, and there is a new drop ceiling of whitewashed rough boards. We're thinking the beams need some refinishing now.


    The green tape on the floor is us trying to figure out how the kitchen will be placed. We've worked through many variations as the space is a bit odd, with several doors, and a low window.


    You can see here that one of the beams has been refinished. It's nice to have things fresh and bright. Originally when we started this project we wanted to head in a darker more moody aesthetic but we can't seem to help ourselves with the pale wood.


    日本二本道dvd视频Not much has happened upstairs, besides being cleaned up. There is frost on the inside of the roof...a worrisome sight since we have no aspirations to replace the roof...

  • June 12, 2018

    The Stone House: October Progress

    Wallpaper removal progress in the parlour. The demo team gave up and left the rest for the painter.


    The guest bedroom is at a stand still.



    The room that is designated to become the bathroom was in the worst shape on the main floor so we have decided to pull it back and drywall.


    日本二本道dvd视频Really nothing much happening in here except the gorgeous late autumn light. It's going to be so spectacular when we are settled in. A part of us wants to leave the plaster as is but we will be testing out Pure & Original paint instead.


    日本二本道dvd视频I just love the space, with the farmhouse staircase to the second floor. I still remember a similar stair at my grandparent's house.


    日本二本道dvd视频In other news, the fill was laid down and I didn't bother to photograph it. The insulation and pipes have been laid for infloor radiant heating. We figured it was the best way to maintain the temperature in this space. The main floor of the house is forced air, and in the upstairs bedroom we will be mostly relying on a wood stove. We may regret this.


    The summer kitchen is a big space! Next step is concrete.

  • June 7, 2018

    The Stone House: Demolition Upstairs

    Well this isn't what we expected!


    日本二本道dvd视频We were having a hard time visualizing framing this space out but now that it's one wide open space, it feels impossible to chop it up again. Gone are the walls, cracked plaster and ceiling that concealed years of critter life. We have decided to keep the bedroom as one space, which we will share with the kids, because who are we kidding anyway, there is no way they will want to sleep alone.


    These low windows with Southern exposure create wonderful light effects throughout the day.


    日本二本道dvd视频The floor is in relatively good shape, nothing a sand and refinish can't fix.


    Another notable element is the vaulted ceiling and beams. Now that we are keeping this space as one room, we can also keep the high ceiling.


    It seems that originally the summer kitchen was built at a later date, compromising the window on the left.  This wall is where our king size bed is going to go. We finally learned to go big,
    日本二本道dvd视频 as the children will inevitably want to climb in with us.


    日本二本道dvd视频I really wish we didn't have to build a railing where the stairs are, but of course it's important to protect us all from not falling down the stairs. We'll have to figure something out that doesn't distract from the openness. We plan on incorporating the gold colour in the stairwell as a nod to the original scheme.


    Outside we explored a bit. I wanted to checkout the hill, for future tobogganing needs. It's a nice long run, not to steep, but satisfying. Technically not our property but we have an agreeable relationship with the farmer who owns the surrounding land.


    日本二本道dvd视频Fall colours are beautiful.


    日本二本道dvd视频The drive shed is another project for the future.


    日本二本道dvd视频Howell playing on the dirt fill for the summer kitchen floor.



    So much to look at and explore. In October that lovely patch of wildflowers/grasses/weeds was mowed. I think we prefer it to be filled in a bit but it's nice to get a sense of the space empty. The weather was so ideal, we were able to set Howell up with some distractions while we puttered around with the workers.


    日本二本道dvd视频More pretty fall colours. Due to the warm fall we didn't really get an explosion of colour on the trees but there was certainly enough subtle things happening to keep us content.


  • June 4, 2018

    The Stone House: Demolition Main Floor

    September 2017


    日本二本道dvd视频"What have we done?", we said. 


    Classic stage one of a reno. This is the floor below the plywood boards in the summer kitchen.
    Don't worry, we promise there was nothing worth salvaging in this room.


    日本二本道dvd视频Suddenly everything seemed so overwhelming. 



    The demolition crew did a great job, completing the work in a reasonable amount of time. They said it wasn't even the worst they've ever seen. Encouraging!


    The bulk of the demolition effort was focused on the summer kitchen and the upstairs. The parlour and two side rooms had been preserved so it was just a matter of peeling off some old wallpaper.


    日本二本道dvd视频In the beginning Howell would accompany us. Here he is pretty chuffed to have scored a sucker from the local diner (spoiler alert, it was later accidentally and sadly dropped in the dirt).


    Meanwhile, outside, what a gorgeous autumn we had in 2017. Here is the little field out front, covered in wildflowers, or as the farmer calls them, weeds.  We are trying to figure out how to have a little wildflower meadow here while maintaining a space to run free, since we are surrounded on all sides by farm fields. For the past few years it has been a tall wall of corn, that rustles in the breeze and creates a natural fence. In 2018 we will be getting a
    wheat field along one side.








    This gorgeous Norway Maple in the front is quite old and is in some rough shape. I hope when we trim it it won't lose its energy. It would have been perfect for a swing but we have concerns about weak limbs.